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EL84 / 6BQ5 Tube Integrated Amplifier 12W + 12W Class A

The ALGONQUIN is our second premium class integrated amplifier after the NIAGARA. It's a Parallel Single Ended design with the most popular EL84 / 6BQ5 / 7189 tubes. Our EL84 Push Pull design is proven to be award-winning, and our new Algonquin will be just that, like our heritage-high-quality proper HiFi transformers are being used. It's also a must to ensuring the use of other brand parts and bits for the best possible sonic improvements. The highlight is an additional/separated power supply circuitry that feeds the amplifier, with voltage regulated and purified, which allows the perfect amount and stable voltage to allow the tubes to work as accurately and quietly as possible, and to unleash the best sonic potential. On our designs without the regulation, it's quiet enough. This just takes it to the highest levels. The rectifier stage is an advance hybrid tube-solid state design (originally used on our 829B Special "The Galliard") - What it does is to balance out the rectify tube from start to finish, it will ensure a full-voltage supply and best efficiency in effect. This best 12W in pure Class A will drive most speakers in a very good state, the gain and drive are properly useful and plenty as a true "integrated" design; with just 300mv input, we have already easily yielded 9Ws before distortions, and 12W nominal/max power.

  • Class A Single Ended (Parallel)

  • 12W+12W (Max)

  • Pre-amp Tubes: 12AX7/ECC83

  • Output Tubes : EL84 / 6BQ5 / 7189

  • Rectifier Tube:  5AR4 / GZ34

  • 4 and 8 Ohms Speakers Out Standard

  • Optional 16 ohms

  • 2-3 Sets of Inputs

  • Dimensions : 15" W x 17" D x 7" H

Parts Highlights:

  • Hammond Canada Output Transformers Flagship 30W Grade (Plenty of reserve for the bass)

  • Hammond Canada Power Transformer 300 Series (Their top-of-the-line power transformer with world voltages, oversized)

  • Hammond Canada Choke Transformer

  • Mundorf's Germany Coupling Caps

  • CMC USA Gold RCA Inputs

  • Alps Japan Blue Vol Control

  • Lorlin UK Selector Switch

  • Furutech Japan Gold AC Inlet

  • High-quality insulated binding post, ceramic socket, copper wires for signal path and premium resistors/capacitors


  • Upgraded to : ELMA (Swiss Made) selector switch

  • Upgraded to : Triode Lab solid stainless steel knobs (Made in Canada - heavy duty and a nice hand polished finish)

  • Upgraded to : Hashimoto Japan Output Transformers (20W Classic Style)

  • Upgraded to : Mundorf Silver in Oil Coupling Caps

  • Upgraded to : Mundorf Premium Power Supply Main ECAP