Prelude Hybrid FFX
Prelude Hybrid FFX
Prelude Hybrid FFX
Prelude Hybrid FFX
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Prelude Hybrid FFX

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The PRELUDE is still our biggest selling pre-amplifier. With its phono stage sourced from our high-end Triode Lab brand, you are getting one of the best phono foundations on the market — and remember, if you don’t have a good phono-stage, you are not getting the best sound even having the best MC Carts, SUTs and Turntables!

Its hybrid tube-transistor design gives the PRELUDE the ability to drive a range of triode amps — from triode to high-powered solid state. And the sweetness of the WE396a tube is simply addictive and euphonic. With all this going for it, it’s hard not to be everyone’s favourite.

And now .. just to pile on some additional goodness,… allow us to introduce the souped-up, top-tier spec PRELUDE FFX. The FFX treatments result in even further reduced signal loss and sonic change, resulting in a phono stage that is one of the quietest we have ever come across.

FFX upgrades include:

  1. Mundorf Germany EVO Silver Gold, to now, SUPREME EVO SILVER GOLD

  2. Lorlin UK Selector Switch, to now, DACT of Denmark

  3. Hammonds Power Transformer, to now, HASHIMOTO (Sansui) - it measure even more quiet and better S/N ratio

  4. 6Z4 Rectifier Tube, to now, 5AR4 (Substitutes / Sound Tuning : NOS 5W4 , 5Z4 , 5T4 , 5V4 , 5Y3)

  5. FFX Treatments (From beefier power supply and further advanced grounding approach, to better channeling and shortest signal path for fewest loss and sound change). Thanks to the FFX Treatments and Hashimoto Transformer. The phono stage on the PRELUDE FFX is one of the quietest we come across. FFX Treatments also mean highest grade resistors and caps.

  6. Alps Blue volume control or optional TKD audiophile volume (as shown)