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Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Modified  18” Radian Coaxial driver with crossover based on totally new design principles

As with all Coherent loudspeakers, the cabinet design follows the classical Golden Ratio proportions. This speaker series is offered as standard Floorstander.

This series covers 2 Performance Levels :

  • EIGHTEEN Signature -  FS-MGRA Floorstander

  • EIGHTEEN Reference -  FS-MGRA Floorstander

The all new EIGHTEEN Series incorporates a custom co-axial Neodymium 18" driver from acclaimed Radian Audio.

This is a very exciting development as it probably is a "first" in the world of Concentric High Efficiency / Sensitivity Loudspeakers :

  • 102dB sensitivity

  • "18 inch Bass" down to a comfortable 25Hz and 22Hz at -3dB ! 

As with all other Coherent loudspeakers, you get a custom crossover and "Premium" components -- all carefully selected to deliver a very high level of exquisite musicality, and this regardless of music genre !

The cabinets have twin rear ports to deliver an open and transparent sound easily driven by low power tube amps, and include a unique internal baffle structure to minimize standing waves.


Optional "Premium" Veneer Finishes available - CALL

  • Premium Veneer up-charge per pair : $400

  • Subject to longer delivery lead time.


Custom Made in Canada

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