Finalé F-300B Classic
Finalé F-300B Classic
Finalé F-300B Classic
Finalé F-300B Classic
Finalé F-300B Classic
Finalé F-300B Classic
Finalé F-300B Classic
Finale Audio

Finalé F-300B Classic

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Single Ended Triode Mono Blocks Amplifiers


What’s New?

Designing “simple” tube based amplifiers to tease out the best from a given power tube, is what Finale Audio is passionate about. Finale audio and Triode labs have had a focus on 300 B single-ended amplifiers from day one. “we started making tube amplifiers back in here in Toronto when interest 300 B amplifiers was in vogue. With a number of good products on the market, we had to have something special right out the gate -- the F-300B Classic Mono Blocks was our answer. Many consider the 300 B power tube to offer the very best that tube sound has to offer. The 300 b is known for its magical triode signature sound and grand / colorful presentation.

Entering 2020 , our 300B Mono Blocks almost became a classic. The new 2020 F-300B Classic Mono Blocks is a result of our long brilliancy in making 300B tube amplifiers. And we merged the two previously offering, original F-300B (Built on a strong metal production chassis) Mono Blocks and the F-300B Walnut Edition (Constructed base on a small wood frame) together to officiated this new production of “300B Mono Blocks”. It is perfect for those who are looking for a pair of true high end 300B amplifiers that is entirely design, built and hand made with Canadian ingredients, with proper “hi-fi” grade transformers, that is designed and made to last and give you years of good reliable playback. Circuit wise, there is no change, as it was perfect since Day 1. What is challenging is how NOT to raise its price while improving it - and I think we did it!

The Highlights:

  • SE-X Driver Design, by maximizing and unleashing the very best potential of a single powerful 12AX7 tube to command and control the output tubes in the most effective manner (in single ended / SRPP mode), the key lies in the preciseness, accuracy and efficiency to achieve this simple-best approach design (it can't be done on other tubes because they don't have as high gain ability). We very much appreciate the sound result from this, than using a 2-stage design that is needed on most other pre-amp tubes such as 6H30 / 6922 / 5687 and so on. It will have more phase shift, more roll offs, less natural, more distortions, and you name it.

  • Class A 8W (Max) / Block The amps are tuned for refinement over raw power, it's more useful and solid than you think.

  • Autobias Safe / Reliable / No Troubles / Durable tube lifes

  • DC Filament Supply / Direct coupling for quiet, stable and most linear playback

  • Finale Audio Pink-Lingu RCA (Rose-Gold Plated)

  • Mundorf Audiophiler ZN or EVO Oil Coupling Caps

  • FURUTECH Japan Gold AC Inlets

  • 5-way Binding Posts 0-4-8 or 0-8-16 (Ask about upgrades to CMC or Cardas)

  • Standard Finish : British Racing Green / 5000 NOK for other of our 9 factory colours or 8000 NOK for car paint

The Technical: The most popular direct heated triode tubes of all time!

  • It's not easy to master the beauty it of it - circuitry wise, although it seem easy to construct, but it is hard to master.

  • It IS expensive to unleash its potential, on the hardware side. And that is why most 300B amps on the market either fail in this regard or or measured far from the best, because they had to work within a specific budget. Unfortunately, there is no way around quality with budget, at least with tube amps. So, high quality tube amps, especially triode tube amps, are supposed to be expensive.

  • The first thing in getting it right is the output transformers, without a good quality and properly-made pair by a HiFi transformers manufacturer, the 300B will not sing and unleash its potential. You can get away with other tubes, but not 300B.

  • Here, a high-quality pair of Canadian made , it is specifically designed for triode tubes such as 300B. It is often designed for high fidelity, single-ended, Class-A, with frequency response at least 20 hz to 20 khz.

  • We don't just focus on the outputs, even the choke transformer we pick are of high quality (made by Hammonds Canada) and important to both the sound and circuitry. Each of them is HIPOT tested (100%) at 1,500 VAC, and each of them is vacuum-impregnated with polyurethane varnish to yield for quietness and long life operations.

  • For the power transformer, it's even more serious - again, made in Canada with conservative designs (that is reliable and able to provide seamless power deliveries) - CSA certified and made with high quality specs such as passing HIPOT test of 2,000V RMS, and made with Class A insulation (105 degree C) and so on.

  • All these transformers are not just used because they are good, it also has to do with reliability and safety that we care very much about.


  • Rated Output: 8 W + 8 W (Max)

  • Operation: Class A Single Ended Triode Auto bias

  • Speaker Outputs: 4 / 8 ohm or 8/16 ohm

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at 7W or 6 - 8W with upgraded Hashimoto Transformer, depending which models of OPT being used

  • Hum & Noise (A-Weight): 88 db or better at rated output (It’s quiet, if not the best!)

  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz+/- 1db at 1 Watt

  • Input Sensitivity and Impedance: Main Input - 1V / 220k ohm +/- 10%

  • Footprint: 12” Width x 9” Depth

  • Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 Pair

  • Power Tubes: 300-B Matched Pair

  • Rectifier Tube: 5U4 or 5V4, or 5T4 (A smaller output version of the 5U4. It draws only 2 amps, which makes the transformer work cooler).