Finalé 300B EVO-21
Finalé 300B EVO-21
Finalé 300B EVO-21
Finalé 300B EVO-21
Finalé 300B EVO-21
Finale Audio

Finalé 300B EVO-21

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300B Reference Integrated Amplifier

How do you start to write up a technical description of a high-end tube amp whose design is unlike most others? We just want to keep it short, so we’re just going to start by saying this amplifier is the product of our 30 years+ of ongoing research and tuning around the 300B tube. From the custom-tailored / high quality power transformer , power supply design and high-quality choke transformer, this is easily one of the quietest 300B amplifiers on the market. Special attention is paid to the pre-amplifier stages, and our design shows off the 12AX7 tubes – a pair of high quality ones will take it to an even higher level! The output transformers on any tube amps is crucial, much like the transmission on a race car – the better it is, the more output to the wheels – and the output transformers we use are NOT just good, but, rather, exceptional, in getting the most out of this 300B tube. Both nice extended highs and a quiet soundscape are guaranteed, while delivering a solid 8 watts Class A power, before measurements show any signal distortion.


  • Rated Output: 8W + 8 W (Minimum before distortion / varies on brand of tubes used)

  • Operation: Class A Single Ended Triode Auto bias

  • Speaker Outputs: 4 / 8 ohm (16 Optional)

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at Rated Output (Varies on different brand/model of transformers)

  • Hum & Noise (A-Weight): 88 db or better at rated output

  • Frequency Response: + 0 - 2 db (At 1 Watt Reference Power Output from 20-20,000 hz)

  • Input Sensitivity and Impedance: Main Input - 500 mv / 100k ohm

  • Footprint: 13.5" Wide x 18" Deep

  • Shipping weight : 35+ lbs

  • Pre-amp Tubes: 12AX7 / ECC83 / 5751 Pair (12AT7 could be substitute as well when 12AX7 is not available , but not as quiet)

  • Driver Tubes : 6N6 / 6DT8 / 6922 / 6FQ7 / 6CG7 Pair (They all offer a difference flavor)

  • Power Tubes: 300-B Matched Pair

  • Rectifier Tube: We voiced and recommended the NOS 5T4. Substitute : 5U4 (full rated power) or 5V4 (soft start up rectifier tube , less output power but a more transparent / musical tube - those who wants a more transparent / tube sound/). Any other rectifiers is prohibited.

  • New chassis became top plate over chassis design - and the top plate can be painted into any of our 9 official colours free of charge. There are also 6,500 Other Colours here for extra : $500 CAD / Car Paints $800 (Longer lead time required , as often the top clear-coat is not harden , and there will always be imperfect with car paint as it is done by hand). Or for best result (to some people), the top plate can be fabricated with pure copper for a extra $2,500 CAD.

    Every amp is made to order (It is complete hand made here in house at Finale / Triode Lab, from drilling the mounting holes to mount every part) and like any thing that is the best - BE PATIENT!

Det finnes mange ulike måter å jobbe ute hos kunder på men noe av det vi setter høyest er å lytte til kundene våre på hvilken lyd de ønsker og hva de skal bruke den til. Ved et besøk ute hos kunden går vi gjennom boligen steg for steg og kommuniserer samtidig med kunden og noterer. Her bruker vi digitale verktøy som gjør det enkelt for oss å legge inn hvor høyttalerne skal være osv.. Har du som kunde tegninger av huset tar vi gjerne i mot dette også da vi har et eget tegneprogram vi bruker. En prosjektering hos oss koster kun kr 790,- dette er en engangssum som skal dekke jobben vi gjør hos kunden. Vi tar ikke betalt for klargjøring av musikksystemet om dette er ønskelig. 

Under hele prosessen har vi også flere skjemaer som vi fyller ut underveis slik at alt blir dokumentert og skulle du være misfornøyd med noe noterer vi også dette og tar det med videre i utviklingen vår.