F-6 Hommage
F-6 Hommage
F-6 Hommage
Finale Audio

F-6 Hommage

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  • 40-20 Khz TRUE hi-fi Output Transformers (Made in USA)

  • 8 Ohms Speakers Output Only (Tubes doesn’t sound good at lower ohms anyway)

  • 4W + 4W Pure Class A

  • Single Set of RCA Input / Purest Signal Path

  • Auto-bias / Maintenance Free Circuit - Just change the tubes in a few years!

  • Hammonds , Canada made power transformer and choke, made to CSA/SA compliance / standards

  • Mundorf EVO or ZN Coupling Caps / Alps Blue Volume Pot (The two best and most used HiFi parts / brands)

  • Spec and Performance will be same as the F-6V6 , with except the power supply is not regulated but still very quiet. (See below).

  • Free Options : 1 to 3 Set of Inputs and Lorlin UK Selector , Finale Tuxedo Black Aryclic Face Plate Delete

  • Dimension : 11” W x 13” D X 4.5” H (Not including knobs / connectors/Footers). Same as the F6V6 / F6V6 Parallel Power Amp