Courbet N°4
Courbet N°4
Courbet N°4
Courbet N°4
Courbet N°4
Davis Acoustics

Courbet N°4

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Diapason d’Or – December 2019 !

HiFi Pig - Oktober 2020

The latest addition to the Courbet range, this revolutionary little speaker will please you with its many qualities. Ideal for small rooms, it has been developed by integrating all the strong markers of the range, to obtain the sound of a larger floor standing speaker.

With more than 30 years of experience in speaker manufacturing, DAVIS Acoustics has once again created a custom transducer to match the unusual volume of the cabinet. Located midway between a speaker “bookshelf” and a “floor standing” of traditional size, the Courbet N ° 4 is equipped with a speaker bass / midrange capable of real prowess. The voice coil has been elongated (to maintain a constant energy, even during strong deflection), the bullet replaced by an inert dust cap (to ventilate the core of the driver and thus cool it) … in the end, we gets an ultra-ventilated speaker, able to go down to the bass, while significantly reducing its distortion. Once again, Kevlar was chosen for its ideal mass / stiffness ratio.

The tweeter of the range (TW28LD) perfectly accompanies this new speaker. Created with the same goal of transparency and precision, it is powered by a very small cable in pure copper sheathed in PTFE Teflon.

The crossover  is, as on the entire range, mounted “in the air” (handcrafted without any printed circuit). The contact is thus direct between each element of the crossover. Its components have been chosen to avoid any loss of dynamics and thus retain all the qualities of these speakers.



The engineering work, described above, allows to obtain a very linear sensitivity curve, this is how the speaker completely disappears in favor of music. You will be seduced by the subtlety of the sound message. No frequency is put forward. This neutrality allows you to hear all the details of the recording, without any listening fatigue.

Choice of electronics and advice of use:

Once again, when the work was done upstream (crossover + drivers), the association is only easier. This Courbet N ° 4 can be associated with any type of electronics. It is this choice that will determine the character you want given to the final listening (soft, warm, dynamic …). Let yourself be guided by the advice of your Courbet dealer.

The lowest resistance value is 4 ohms (this is very often the case for current speakers). Also, if your amplifier allows it, we recommend the 4 ohm setting on your amplifier. Otherwise, the columns are plugged into all current amplifiers on the market.

A multi-strand cable (not supplied) made of high-purity copper is highly recommended for the amp / speaker connection. Here too, ask your dealer for advice.

The speakers should be positioned symmetrically with respect to the listening area. A distance of at least 30 cm from the walls (rear and side) is recommended.

Finally, a set of 4 decoupling spikes is provided for each speaker. You can use them to decouple the speaker from the floor and thus get a more tense bass.


Bass reflex : circular
Nom. Power : 90 W
Max. Power : 130 W
Number of ways : 2
Number of drivers : 2
Sensitivity : 90 dB
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) : 51 -25000 Hz

Tweeter : 28mm soft dome
Midrange :
Woofer : Kevlar 13cm
Dimensions (cm) : 82,5 (h) x 16 (l) x 22 (depth)
Weight (kg) : 12 (hver)
Impedance : 4…8 ohms
Cut of frequency : 4000 Hz


Det finnes mange ulike måter å jobbe ute hos kunder på men noe av det vi setter høyest er å lytte til kundene våre på hvilken lyd de ønsker og hva de skal bruke den til. Ved et besøk ute hos kunden går vi gjennom boligen steg for steg og kommuniserer samtidig med kunden og noterer. Her bruker vi digitale verktøy som gjør det enkelt for oss å legge inn hvor høyttalerne skal være osv.. Har du som kunde tegninger av huset tar vi gjerne i mot dette også da vi har et eget tegneprogram vi bruker. En prosjektering hos oss koster kun kr 790,- dette er en engangssum som skal dekke jobben vi gjør hos kunden. Vi tar ikke betalt for klargjøring av musikksystemet om dette er ønskelig. 

Under hele prosessen har vi også flere skjemaer som vi fyller ut underveis slik at alt blir dokumentert og skulle du være misfornøyd med noe noterer vi også dette og tar det med videre i utviklingen vår.