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Heretic AD614 Midsize 12 in. coaxial monitor: 97 dB

Based on our own specs. Fullrange sound, incredibly agile and fast. AD614 is the smallest available product featuring our Coaxial transducer. Custom made for high and stable impedance, made for ductless venting. It offers incredibly nimble bass, with a nice and generous tone around 40 Hz and super tight impact, and superbly linear from 100 Hz up to and above 22 000 HZ.

Custom-made 12 inches coaxial transducer;

  • 45 to 23 kHz response, typical, half-space, -6 dB;
  • Serial network topology, Linkwitz-Riley;

  • 100% birch plywood construction;

  • 97 dB @ 2,83 V @ 1 m;

  • Neutrik Speakon® connectors or Copper CE approved binding posts;

  • 10 years warranty;

  • Made in Canada

  • Three layers carton;

  • H 63.5 cm x B 45.7 cm x D 35.6 cm, 19 kg;

Everything was smooth sailing with our Fabulous H15 two way monitor as King-of-Heretic-Hill.

Until the coax . Then we lost sleep and after weeks of absolute musical bliss, the Heretic 12 Coax was the new King. It is the sort of ultra generous driver that demands to play in large volumes of air. More air, more extension. But more air, means bigger box.


AD614, known as the utility portable monitor is the best ratio in terms of relatively low volume, while preserving the Heretic Identity: All Heretics are built from 12 mm canadian ultra premium birch ply. Why? Because of tone. Plywood has a tone that isn’t match by any other material. Tone comes from rigidity, lightness and compliance. But not too much! How much is perfect is our trade secret, and we would love you to find out!