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Heretic AD612. Also known as the “Beatles” monitor, brought back and retuned for 21st Century music – tube friendly.

Heretic AD612 is the result of a research based on Altec 612 Utility cabinet. We discovered some aspects that could be re-engineered for contemporary extended bandwidth material, and it is positively jaw dropping.

These are BIG speakers. If you have the space, buy them. If you do not have the space, get the AD614, same transducers. If you do have the space, AD612 air volume will bring almost an octave more in bandwidth, all with complete ease with incredible power. The membrane will not move. You will never need more, this is my promise.

The Linkwitz-Riley filter with Serial topology (shunting all passive devices) is uniquely tailored to the transducer.

American loudspeakers in London? A picture of Abbey Road studio control room.

American loudspeakers in London? A picture of Abbey Road studio control room.


Custom-made 12 inches coaxial transducer;

35 to 23 kHz response, typical, half-space, -6 dB;

Serial network topology, Linkwitz-Riley;

100% birch plywood construction;

97 dB @ 2,83 V @ 1 m;

Neutrik Speakon® connectors or Copper CE approved binding posts;

10 years warranty;

Custom professional export crate

H 71.1 cm x B 63.5 cm x D 40.65 cm, 27 kg

" cannot miss these almost cubic (30 in X 25 in X 17 in ) speakers squatting on the floor, tilted back a bit, and toed into the sweet spot. When I took my turn at the sweet spot after taking a few pics I was immediately immersed in a warm and beautiful sound. The Heretic A612 has impressive specs and to my ears lived up to them in spades."


“I was impressed by the loudspeaker’s focused and detailed sound, not necessarily expected from a product so retro in appearance”

— Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound


“Without a doubt, this system delivered the most fun I'd had during my first two days at the show”

—Jason Victor Serinus, STEREOPHILE


“the Heretics capture all of the magic of a classic Altec design – powerful, direct and exciting–with more extension at the frequency extremes”

—Marc Phillips, Part Time Audiophile