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Designed by Arteluthe / Manufactured by Heretic / Sold by FINALE


The PASSIONE, like our tube amps, we evolve them to today’s hi-fi standard, and specific designed to pursuit the best and most realistic possible playback : it’s pure stereo (2-channel) / hi-fi application in mind. And for those who are new to horn speakers , there are different applications of horns - you don’t want to buy the wrong type - not all of them are for “hifi” or even close. Furthermore, most aren’t even designed / voiced around with hifi tube amps. But for our speaker line, we designed / voiced them with our high quality modernized single ended type tube amplifiers.

The PASSIONE is not chasing after the sound from the past , so do not mistakenly think about the typical studio monitor kind of sound or horns that were meant for different tasks. As our speakers aren’t intended to be used in a commercial / industrial environment or for work (and you might not want that since that is not exactly hi-fi). It is purely for the enjoyment of stereophiles and audiophiles. , and meant to be driven with high grade tube amplifications.

Like the Celestion compression driver from UK we selected for the PASSIONE, it is a modern unit for today’s standard. And the 12” Beyma (Spain) Woofer is highly musical and high performance - it’s one of our favourite for building hifi 2-way horn speakers , tried and proven good!

The Passioni is tuned totally differently than the Kensington, which gives a more nostalgia of sound from the past, with its NOS American speaker drivers.


  • System: Front Firing (3 Ports) Bass Reflex Acoustic Design (Floor-standing or Bookshelf)

  • Horn type : Exponential horn supplemented acoustic lens louver type

  • Numbers of ways: 2 way

  • Frequency Response: 35-20000 Hz

  • Cross-over: Linkwitz-Riley, 12 dB / octave (second order), serial type, crossover frequency 1200Hz

  • Power: 200 watt RMS

  • Amplifier: from 10 to 200 Watt RMS or more – without clipping

  • Sensibility: 94 dB @2.83Vrms/1 meter

  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm

  • Size: 24”W x 20”D (Including Grille) X 36”H

  • Weight: TBA

  • Shipping : 2 Wood Crates 46”X32”x30”

  • Designed and manufactured in CANADA

Finish : Natural North American Walnut Veneer (With fabric protective grills)


Matching / Recommendations


Recommended speaker wires - F-15 Spyder (stranded type).

Remember there are no best speaker wires, best interconnect cables, and best tubes.

Do give your favourite cable manufacture a chance, and give your old cables a chance too!

It just simply COULD match and sounded better. It has nothing to do with the price tag or material.

In our case, our usual preference in using the more expensive solid core : F-15 Classica somehow lost the translation.


Single Ended Triode or Single Ended Pentodes.

Push Pull simply lost the magic - the delicacy touch , realism and 3D sound-stage.

And forgets solid state. If you want no highs, flat / dull, and lifeless.

Less watts is definitely more for both H12/H15 Horns.


Use the best HIFI power-cord you can afford.

When driven with our amps - every single power-cord sounded different.

Even where our amp sits (for example, on a wood stand/surface vs granite/glass).

And for those who wants quietest operation - have dedicated AC line for JUST the amp!

A solid wood stand is highly recommended, also isolation devices - simple adding rubber pads could improve the sound by alot.