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Designed by Arteluthe / Manufactured by Heretic / Sold by FINALE


The old-school design of Arteluthe Kensington speakers , so fashionable in recent years, recalls American and Japanese acoustics of the 70s and 80s of the last century, a time that is called the golden era of Hi-Fi.

Loudspeakers Arteluthe Kensington performed in dual band configuration and are equipped with compression inch tweeter, placed in the exponential horn supplemented acoustic lens louver type. The low-frequency range is entrusted to the 15-inch speaker of the American company Faital Pro , which operates in a bass-reflex acoustic design. Two large round bass reflex ports are brought out to the front panel, which allows you to install the speakers close to the wall.

Source from Render by Jefferson Defrein.

These technologies are primarily seen in the design of the Faital Pro 15 “woofer and 1” compression driver. The bass driver operates on two bass-reflex ports at the bottom of the front panel of the case. The buzzer is mounted in an exponential horn, which is complemented by a classic louvre acoustic lens.

For this acoustics, a sensitivity of 100 dB is declared, which is quite suitable for operation from a tube amplifier. Frequency Response Range: 35 Hz to 20 kHz. The height of the speakers is a little less than a meter. The cabinets have been finished with walnut veneer. The textured black front panel can be covered with a fabric grill.

L91 type HORN Lens , made in house here in Montreal, QC, Canada

Supplemented by an exponential horn

15” Faital Pro Woofer


  • System: Front Firing (2 Ports) Bass Reflex Acoustic Design (Floor-standing or Bookshelf)

  • Horn type : Exponential horn supplemented acoustic lens louver type

  • Numbers of ways: 2 way

  • Frequency Response: 32-20000 Hz

  • Cross-over: Linkwitz-Riley, 12 dB / octave (second order), serial type, crossover frequency 1200Hz

  • Power: 400 watt RMS

  • Amplifier: from 10 to 200 Watt RMS or more – without clipping

  • Sensibility: 100dB @2.83Vrms/1 meter (100 db at 1000 Hz)

  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm

  • Size: TBA

  • Weight: TBA

  • Shipping : 2 Wood Crates 46”X32”x30”

  • Designed and manufactured in CANADA

Finish : Natural North American Walnut Veneer (With fabric protective grills)