Nyhet | Finale Audio nå hos Yesda Audio!

Nyhet | Finale Audio nå hos Yesda Audio!



Yesda Audio er stolte av å kunne representere Finalé Audio i Norge!




Finalé Audio er en tradisjonsrik kanadisk produsent av rørforsterkere. Forsterkerne befinner seg helt i det øvre sjiktet. De har fått mye anerkjennelse og forsterkerne er kritikerrost av fagpressen. I tillegg til forsterkere har også Finalé Audio høyttalere.




Forsterkerne lages på bestilling og kan tilpasses kundens ønsker.


Mer info om Finalé Audio finner du i vår nye nettbutikk på www.yesdaaudio.no samt www.finaleaudio.com




Finalé Audio is a new addition to the family. While Triode Lab specializes in the production of the finest triode and low-powered tube amplification, our goal is to appeal to a broader audience of discerning listeners who want the best sound possible at a reasonable cost. To this end, we offer a wide range of high caliber, affordable tube amplifiers, from low-powered, single-ended designs to 100W powerhouses, many of which are priced around the $2,000 CAD mark (and so you can think of us as offering the Grand Finale!).




Like Triode Lab, all of our products are designed and engineered in Canada, and made to the same exacting standards. Visually, our amplifiers have a clean and simple elegance, but their true sophistication is revealed in their sound. While most other tube amp makers invest in the looks and packaging, basically elaborate design features you can see but not hear, we prefer to put out money in high-quality parts and transformers. Please contact us and let us help you find the right amplifier for your system. We are confident that your search for musical truth will end with Finale!