Nyhet | Finale Audio Kensington testet av Wall Of Sound!

Nyhet | Finale Audio Kensington testet av Wall Of Sound!
En flott test av Finale Audio Kensington!
Wall Of Sound konkluderer:
"It was a pleasure to audition them and we wish their future owners well as they will have purchased something very special.

Finally, Wall Of Sound awards the Finale Kensingtons a Gold Star for exemplary sound and long term value. The price will be an obstacle for some, but essentially these are custom built speakers from a designer with a specific vision and proven capability – Robert has several established brands, e.g. Gemme, Arteluthe and Heretic. There are similarly priced speakers that are now middle of the range for companies like Spendor, JMR, Harbeth and ATC. Value is surely a relative concept, but on sound quality alone the Finale Kensingtons deserve a Gold Star.
Really, you may have to go out of your way to hear them but we cannot imagine you will be disappointed. Bravo! "
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